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Shivam aquila


The tasteful architectural attributes of Shivam Aquila’s are imbued with an intrinsic elegance that instantly attracts, endears and impresses. The towers sharp, aquiline features reflect a pedigree of living milieus and esoteric spaces.

Shivam astera


Shivam Astera is a hidden oasis of other worldly luxury, sheltered from the maddening traffic of inner-city life. It’s where you’ll find your abode of peace, warmth and happiness, in the light of the stars and under the heavens.



Mani Casa raises the bar for high living.Effortlessly serene lifestyles that are sleekly designed, bringing you a confluence of the best that life can offer



It houses more than 100 units in 3 towers of G+12 storeys each. The units range in size from 1270 to 2032 sq.ft.Almost all the homes are south facing and features unique facilities designed to make a difference to the lives of the residents.


We purchased our flat from reputed real estate developer, Shivom Realty who we recommend without hesitation to anyone contemplating purchasing (or selling) a property. Shivom Realty's honest communication & broad knowledge of the local areas took the pressure off house hunting. Mani Enclave was always professional & also showed a passion for the industry.

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