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As humans we hold a special place in the world because of our natural inclination to ‘Conceptualise, Design and Create’. This is why we are inspired to build dreams that soar high above the skylines of the cities we inhabit, to remind us of this overpowering sense of responsibility.Builders, designers, architects and engineers can construct buildings. But it is the visionaries behind those constructions that give them their overall significance to the community at large. Our earnest endeavour is to convert people’s hopes of a happy home into a concrete reality that heralds the way for society, reflecting values that showcase our Company’s vision.

It is with this noble aim in view that we at Shivom Realty engage with the best architects, consultants, vendors and craftsmen in the industry, to develop real estate that touches lives and brings a cultivated aesthetic to bear upon its surroundings.Having already delivered several prestigious projects over a decade that stand out as benchmarks of quality and commitment, Shivom Realty has played an active role in augmenting Kolkata’s heritage architecture with modern construction that promises to stand the test of time.It is with a dedication to continuously improve ourselves that we keep up with the customer’s need of incredibly high standards. As always, at Shivom Realty , our delivery supersedes our commitment, ensuring that we tirelessly rise to meet this challenge.In order for this to happen, we must evolve and expand and try to adapt to the changing times. Furthermore, we encourage growth in a transparent manner as well as adhering to the best practices in the industry.

Our list of successes includes real estate projects that span all segments in the residential sector. As a result, we have achieved a reputation as the developer of choice in the minds of various target audiences.We sincerely pledge is to continue this good work to deliver homes of exceptional quality that meet people’s needs and expectations.At Shivom Realty we believe that delivering homes to families is about housing their hopes and dreams in a space dedicated to celebrating life.

Gift your family the experience of Stylish Living, Gift them a home from Shivom Realty.

With Best Wishes,

Sameer Agarwal

Managing Director

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