Our VISION is to create homes and offices that redefine the places and communities they touch. By channeling a creative energy that ensures enduring value for people through living spaces that aspire to the same tranquility as the heavenly abode of Shiva.

Our MISSION is to conceive, design and execute quality urban real estate all perfectly constructed and good value for money. Inspired by the wisdom of Shiva’s third eye, we strive to build better spaces set in convenient locations.

Shivom Realty (Mani Enclave Pvt Ltd ISO 9001 : 2008) is a well-established real estate developer that has, transformed Kolkata’s skyline through a decade of ceaseless innovation and a fervent commitment to excellence. The inclination to reinvent is woven into the Group’s essential ethos and it has always strived to maintain its benchmark.All constructions done belong to a diversity of formats, from affordable living right up to designer apartments. What is worth mentioning is that with each project we have furthered our zeal to innovate, bringing the most up-to-date designs and amenities to residents. Thus, we renew the boundaries of comfort and the definition of style.

An intrinsic part of the Shivom Realty philosophy is ‘Quality Living in Style’ an idea that has evolved and gathered momentum with each new construction. Every new property aims to create a balanced, urban environment that allows you to breathe, walk, pause, reflect, enjoy and dream as well as make enduring acquaintances. In this way, a new eminent community is born.

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We are a reputed Real Estate Developer Company with best upcoming properties and successfully delivered the best Real Estate Projects in Kolkata.

Shivam Astera

on E M Bypass

Shivam Aquila

off E M Bypass


on A.P.C. Road


on Motilal Gupta Road, Tollygunge